Andrew Knight has been a professional guitar-repairer for over 30 years.

During this time he has worked on literally tens of thousands of guitars.  There is probably no repair that he has not done and no instrument or problem that he has not seen and repaired!  His extensive experience means that no job is too big or too small.  His clientele extends to nationally and internationally acclaimed musicians and bands, as well as the most important players of all – those of us who just love to play guitar.

Unfortunately, as many players discover, guitar-repair is not an accredited trade, and we often see guys who are learning as they go, or who have done a three-week "guitar-repair" course in the US, try to establish themselves as "guitar-repairers". Sorry guys! Andrew has been a full-time professional guitar-repairer for over 30 years. And, in this trade, experience counts more than anything.

Over the years he has been an authorized repairer for most major brands, including:  Martin, Gibson, Fender, Maton, Ibanez, Takamine, Yamaha, as well as most other familiar names.

He has extensive experience at repairing and restoring vintage instruments, using original specification materials, parts and finishes and is an acknowledged master-craftsman at fabricating reproduction timber parts.  Andrew is also highly regarded for his exemplary fretwork – a skill honed by over two thousand refrets.

This experience is essential when choosing a repairer for your instrument, regardless of its value.

His philosophy is to treat all instruments as if they were his own – whether  you have an inexpensive student model or a 19th century Martin, Andrew knows that you love the darned thing and want it to play as well as it possibly can.  And THAT defines the essence of Andrews approach to instrument repair.

A guitar is a subtle and occasionally temperamental machine and has to be adjusted to within very close tolerances in order to function at its best. Andrew has spent his professional life refining his skills at making guitars work at their best.

If you want your instrument to have the best possible care then take it to someone with the highest level of experience. Andrew Knight is one of the worlds most experienced and highly regarded guitar-repairers.

Andrew is now based in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia. If you live in a completely different part of the planet then Andrew is more than happy to refer you to one of his experienced colleagues nearer to you. Or you could come here – nearby Byron Bay is a nice place for a holiday while Andrew works on your guitar!

AK with 1954 Gibson Les Paul


Re-bracing a 1949 Maton archtop


Neck-reset on a Martin D-28 Marquis


Fitting replacement neck to Maton M-225LH.


Bridge re-glue on a Cort.
Andrew Knight doesn't discriminate according to value – if it's a decent instrument and can be repaired he's more than happy to do it.



Restoring and re-spraying a 1965
Gibson SG Junior that been roughly-sanded and brush-painted purple!


1965 Fender Jazzmaster headstock, restored and re-finished using original Olympic White paint code and original NOS Fender decal. 30 years of experience to make this look like it's 100% original!


Hand-made Brazilian Rosewood bridge with compensated bone saddle.

“There is an incredible amount of hogwash written and spoken about guitars. Some of the stuff you read online or in magazines is just ridiculous. This is a mechanical device and therefore has to be maintained as such. You can have the most expensive guitar in the world but if it is not set-up correctly, or the frets are worn, or there are any other issues then it just wont work properly”.

“I don’t buy into the ‘tone debate. Sound (or ‘tone if you like’) is such a nebulous concept, so subjective and contextual, that I just switch off when people start to talk about it. We ALL sound different on the same instruments! Tone comes from the player. Full stop. My job is simply to make the instruments play as well as they possibly can – and this means that they will also sound as good as they can. The tones that come out of it are up to you guys!”

“The manufacturers dont know how a guitar should be set-up. Its the 21st century – the marketing guys rule the earth! Theyll have you believe that their plastic nuts and saddles are the best thing since sliced bread, full of tone and sustain (whatever they are); theyll tell you that you are going to sound like your favourite player if you just buy all the gear that they endorse; theyll hoodwink you with lies about timber and finish and where the darned things are made, but theyll still ship guitars that are borderline unplayable and not give a damn. The simple fact is that EVERY manufacturer-made guitar sold now needs to be set-up before it will play correctly. If theyd just tell everyone this then it would make complete sense and people would understand”.

“The guitar is a precision instrument. The neck, the string-height at the nut and the string-height at the bridge have to be adjusted to within very close tolerances before it will play properly. Hardly anybody out there seems to understand how the nut should be set or how the string-heights at the bridge should relate to the fingerboard radius. If I set-up your guitar, fit a new bone nut and saddle, or refret it if required, I GUARANTEE that it will play correctly.  Youll laugh out loud when you feel the difference! But as always, making good music with it is then up to you!”

“All the time I hear about guys (its always guys) that “fix their own guitars, man”, or “have a mate that does this stuff” or advertise themselves as a guitar-repairer because they “used to work for Maton” (yikes!).  Sorry, but none of these things are credentials. Not even remotely. Nor is an internet presence any kind of qualification. If you want the best possible service and best possible result, then go to a genuine, experienced professional, someone that has thought about and worked with this stuff for years and years and years. This applies to ANYTHING!! If you live too far away from my shop then Ill refer you to an equally experienced professional close by. Just dont let some amateur fool around with your guitar”.


Youve probably guessed by now that Andrew Knight is very passionate about the idea of only trusting your instruments to true professionals and paying as little attention as possible to both the manufacturers marketing strategies and the dubious claims of the countless amateurs.

Andrew is also currently writing a book on the technical history of guitars, which will teach you all you need to know about how guitars work, how they are made, how they should be maintained, the differences between various materials and components, which components function better than others and which particular design concepts are good and which should be avoided like the plague. The book should be completed by early 2012 and will be available in print and also pdf file download.

The “inter-active” component of this website basically comprises the facility to email AK for advice!

Please feel free to contact Andrew Knight for any advice about your instrument.

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