Custom-made instruments by Master Luthier Andrew Knight are made from the highest quality materials and components available. Each one is unique. 

Andrew Knight has been making and repairing guitars professionally since 1981.

Since 1991 most of Andrew's instruments have been made under the Scintilla label, but since 2012 have carried the “AK” logo.

 In over 30 years as a full-time guitar-repairer Andrew has worked on literally tens of thousands of guitars and has consequently developed a comprehensive understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

 These exceptional hand-made guitars are the result of this considerable experience.

“By combining the traditional techniques and materials established by the great American guitar companies with the attention to detail that can only be achieved by a genuine hand-made approach, we can make instruments of surpassing quality and individual detail that are truly second-to-none”.

Andrew Knight

Featured below are several examples of Andrew's hand-made guitars.
Please enquire about the availability of any of these instruments or if you have any questions about custom-orders.

Andrew Knight is happy to discuss making you the guitar youve always wanted.

<  Scintilla CF-100T

Thinline acoustic-electric featuring x-braced Sitka Spruce top; Honduras Mahogany back, sides and neck; Rosewood fingerboard and bridge; nitro-cellulose sunburst finish. Gibson P-100 pickup + Fishman Matrix transducer; CTS pots. 

The CF-100T has a correctly-tensioned soundboard and back, but has band-sawn rather than bent) sides and a long tenon neck joint. This “semi-solidbody” construction technique results in an exceptional-sounding amplified acoustic guitar that deals easily with the volume and resonances associated with playing live with bass and drums.

<   Scintilla Green Dolphin

 American Red Alder body with Swamp Ash “soundboard”; Rock Maple neck; Fender Custom Shop pickups; Fender vintage-style bridge assembly with compensated brass saddles; CTS pots, Switchcraft socket; Gotoh Kluson-replica tuners; lacquer finish is the original Fender “Surf Green” (actually a 1961 Chevrolet colour!)

The Green Dolphin is a semi-hollow solidbody guitar with a dolphin-shaped soundhole. The inside of the soundhole is finished in a darker sea-green lacquer. This design of guitar has always provided the clarity of the legendary Telecaster but with perhaps a little less “bite” - the Green Dolphin has a sweet and clear tone.

<   AK Solid-body Mandolin

American Cherrywood body with birds-eye maple top; flamed rock-maple neck; ebony fingerboard; with Bill Lawrence pickup, CTS pots, Switchcraft socket, Schaller tuners; cherry-sunburst nitro-cellulose lacquer finish.

With the glued-in neck set at an angle to allow the same string angle across bridge and nut, this lttle guy has the same string tension as an acoustic mandolin. It sounds much more like an acoustic mandolin than any solid-body I’ve ever heard. The owner agrees!

<  AK Spruce Custom 

Solid Sitka Spruce body; Honduras mahogany neck; Rosewood fingerboard with abalone inlays; Seymour Duncan “Nashville” bridge pickup; Jason Lollar “Charlie Christian” neck pickup; CTS blend control and tone pot; Switchcraft socket; tobacco-sunburst nitro-cellulose finish.

The combination of a very light-weight Tonewood body and a very stiff neck makes this a remarkably responsive guitar. The use of a traditional acoustic soundboard timber for the body creates an extraordinary wide ranging sound. I’m keeping this one, but have so far taken three orders for others!

<  Scintilla LG Custom

000-grade Sitka Spruce soundboard; Sapele back and sides; Honduras  Mahogany neck; dovetail neck joint; Ebony fingerboard; Brazilian rosewood bridge and headstock veneer; nitro-cellulose lacquer finish.

This guitar is based on the 1950s Gibson LG-3 but with an opened 106 degree x-brace rather than the LG-3s 90 degrees. This affords the instrument a little more bass response while retaining the clarity and separation of this classic small-body design. This particular guitar was custom-ordered with a slightly wider-than-standard fingerboard (1⅞”), a common request from fingerpickers.

<   Scintilla TV Special

One-piece Honduras Mahogany body; Honduras Mahogany neck; long tenon neck joint; Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard; nitro-cellulose “limed mahogany (TV)” finish; Jason Lollar pickups; Tone-Pros hardware; CTS pots; Switchcraft socket and switch.

The combination of lightweight mahogany and P-90 style pickups makes this guitar's tone rich and warm. Andrew has a limited quantity of single-piece boards of this wonderful, but now endangered, tone-wood.

<   Scintilla Tiny Elephant

Single-piece Honduras Mahogany body; Honduras Mahogany neck; mortice and tenon neck join; Ebony fingerboard; Gibson Mini-Humbucker; Tone-Pros bridge; CTS pots; Switchcraft socket.

Named after its headstock inlay of a tiny elephant, this is Andrew Knight's personal guitar. The single pickup is positioned slightly away from the 2nd octave harmonic resulting in a brighter tone than any “neck position” pickup has a right to be. This position also makes guitars more “pick-sensitive” enabling the player to control the variation of tone with their right hand.

<   AK Blue Sonic

American Cherrywood body; Flamed Canadian rock Maple neck; Rosewood fingerboard; 24.625” scale; Fender Custom Shop pickups; CTS pots; Switchcraft socket and selector switch; nitro-cellulose finish in Sonic Blue.

Cherrywood is a mid-weight timber similar to Alder, and helps create a warm clear sound. The two Fender Strat pickups are strategically placed to be slightly away from the traditional Strat and Tele harmonic points – this gives the guitar a Fender-like tone but with colours and shades all of it’s own.

<   Scintilla Dragonfly Bass

American Red Alder body with ¼” flamed maple cap.

Bird's-eye maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Long tenon set neck. Gibson EB-0 pickup and bridge; CTS pots; Switchcraft socket; Gotoh tuners; red-stained nitro-cellulose lacquer finish.

This is a short-scale bass (30.125”) that combines the construction and electrics of a Gibson EB-0 with the materials and ergonomics of a Fender bass. The instrument is named after its hand-cut  pearl and abalone dragonfly headstock inlay.

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